Falcon Ridge

Assisted Living

A state licensed and Medicaid approved assisted living facility that welcomes residents of all ages.

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  • August 12, 1976
  • 21202 International Blvd. SeaTac, WA 98198
  • info@falconridge.com
  • 206-878-0900
  • 18 and over

State Licensed & Medicaid Approved

Falcon Ridge is a state licensed and Medicaid approved assisted living facility located a few miles south of Seattle, Washington. In addition to our beautiful newly restructured facilty, we have an experienced staff of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing excellent continuous physical and mental care in a relaxed family environment.

All Ages Welcome

People of all ages can have difficulty with activities of daily living. Physical or mental issues can adversely impact quality of life. Eating, dressing, using the bathroom, or moving around can be challenging. We provide a unique combination of housing, personalized supportive services, and healthcare for people with special needs. While providing a wide range of services to all residents, we have a special focus on mental and psychological well-being.

Our goal is to help all our residents live their lives to their fullest, and to enjoy activities and social interactions in a safe and caring environment. – Adrienne Snipes, Administrator

Fun and Modern

In these days of world turmoil, we also strive to offer an attractive and stimulating home for younger residents with their greater needs for stimulus, learning, and communications. Especially with regard to them, we provide high-speed Internet access throughout the facility and in-house support in the use of computers.

Many assisted living facilities provide a limited set of standard services that address only physical living of their residents.

At Falcon Ridge we take a holistic approach and provide mental and emotional services in addition to a wide range of services for daily living and health care. Taken together, each resident receives a specialized set of health care services below that match their particular needs.

♦ 24-hour, 7-days a week professional nursing care
♦ Medication monitoring and administration
♦ In-house mental healthcare management
♦ Weekly psychiatric/counseling visitation
♦ Incontinence management
♦ Assistance with basic daily living activities
♦ Housekeeping and laundry services
♦ Diabetic monitoring
♦ Provision of special dietary needs
♦ Customized mental and physical care programs

A Special Service…

In these times of global conflict there are now increasing numbers of younger people who must seek assisted living facilities and services. We view some of their special needs in terms of mental stimulation, and an offset for their diminished mobility, interactivity, and communications with the rest of the world.

In response to this, we have embraced technology to provide special services for them and other capable residents to provide an “electronic doorway” to the world. This is made possible with the use of computers and high-speed wireless access to the Internet. This special program is discussed in detail in the following pages.


Spacious Apartments

Falcon Ridge Assisted Living offers 60 very spacious, furnished studio apartments that include private bathrooms and individual climate control.  They are offered on both a private and shared basis, and residents may provide their own furnishings.  All basic utilities are included.

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Nutritious Meals

We offer three daily, varied and nutritious meals that are prepared on our premises by our excellent food services staff.  These meals are served in our attractive dining room where social interaction is encouraged in small group table arrangements.  Room service is available when needed.

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Excellent Activities Programming

Our well equipped facility offers a variety of physically and mentally stimulating activities including: residents’ library, pool table, air hockey game, senior’s mini-basketball throw, card games, piano, puzzle games, giant screen TV, and many others.  Our beautiful outdoor patios provide pleasant settings for BBQ’s, professional entertainment, celebrations and other social gatherings.

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2013-05-29 12.23.50


In addition to our facility activities, our residents enjoy many outings and scenic trips in the Falcon Ridge wheelchair accessible 15 seat bus.

2013-05-29 11.46.41

Excellent Activities Programming…

Our well equipped facility offers a variety of physically and mentally stimulating activities including: resident’s library, pool table, air hockey, foosball, seniors’ mini-basketball throw, card games, piano, puzzle games, large screen TV, and computer access to the Internet for fun and entertainment.

In addition, our residents enjoy many outings and scenic trips in the Falcon Ridge wheelchair accessible 15 passenger bus.

A recent in-house “casino night” event shows residents enjoying a completely hosted experience of fun in the Falcon Ridge activity room…

2013-05-31 13.40.43

Online Services…

There have always been some younger assisted living residents, and others with intellectual needs, but in this world of armed conflict their numbers are growing. Their needs are of a special nature. Due to their loss in physical mobility, their level of communication and interactivity with the world around them is greatly diminished. And for those seeking to learn new skills, ready access to information and learning materials are quite limited.

With an expanded vision of assisted living, we have embraced technology to provide our residents an “electronic doorway” to the world via computers and high speed access to the Internet. With these tools and assistance, residents can travel the vast global electronic space, right from their rooms.

World wide communications in multiple modes (text chat, phone, and video) are readily available…and mostly free on today’s Internet. With computers, access to a facility wide high speed wireless network providing Internet access, and in-house learning and technical support, capable residents at Falcon Ridge can easily communicate with their family and friends and many people throughout the world.

For our residents seeking intellectual challenge and stimulus, and especially those wishing to learn new hobbies or skills, the vast information source of the Internet comes into our computer room or right into their apartments via the high speed wireless network. Information, communications, learning, and just plain having fun are right there, 24/7.

Today… high speed Internet access, computers, and basic in-house connection and technical support.

Tomorrow…with the help of experienced consultants, we plan to offer optional courses in computer skills and use of the Internet, as well as experienced desktop support from individuals making learning easy and fun.

At Falcon Ridge…assisted living takes on a new dimension…providing the means for those in our care to interact easily with the outside world, and bringing the possibility of building a new life.


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